Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer School....

We are about to kick into our *summer* mode. This year we will be doing things a little different. We will still be doing school.... atleast 2 days per week. We want to do some fun things that do not seem like school. Wyatt will continue with his phonics. Alyssa will continue her reading in Heart of Dakota.

We will be reading together, memorizing the first chapter of John. We have already memorized the first 18 verses but will continue on with this. We will also be doing *Keepers of the Faith" club. We are very excited about that. The boys will pick 5 activities they want to work on over the course of this next year and Alyssa (11) will pick 10 activities she wants to work on. We will have an Honor's Night but with just our family.

We have a new addition to our family. It is a robo dwarf hamster. We named him "Nugget." He is really cute. We brought him home from Florida this weekend.

We thought about getting a *Bearded Dragon!* WE would have to save our money for that though.... the boys really thought that a Bearded Dragon would be so cool.

We were in Florida this past weekend at my cousins wedding. It was so beautiful. Reminds me over and over again... just how fast they grow up.

Make a memory~

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  1. Thanks for your comment. The Morrises are special people to me. WOW, mom to six! What a privilege. We are hoping to continue growing our family in the Lord's time.