Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jesus, Holy Spirit, Abba Father~

Still not sure how blogspot works~ so hoping this all works. :)

Last night we went to a Praise/Worship at a nearby church in our area. Snowbird Outfitters were there.
It was geared to students but the children and I went. One of the songs that they sang... really touched my heart.

Abba Father
consume me
show me mercy
show me grace

Holy Spirit
convict me
show me all my
wicked ways

lead me to repentance
remind me of the price you paid

though you bled & died
You stayed on the tree
You rose again just to set me free

Jesus, Holy Spirit, Abba Father
Oh how He loves you and me~

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  1. Teena, I am so glad to be able to post on your blog! I love to read your blogs. Your always so sweet to pray for others. For some reason everytime I have posted on your other blog it will not take it. I love the the song that you posted for mandys birthday. We were in your neck of the woods two weekends ago. Thanks again for always speaking Jesus through your life. Blessings,Julie